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Alex Ovechkin: I was proud to play for Dynamo and make my dream come true

Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin shared his emotions after his first football match for Dynamo Moscow in which he opened the score and was voted MVP of the game.

— Could this match have been any cooler for you?

— My dream came true because I always dreamt of scoring a goal on the football pitch. I'd like to thank my partners who found a moment to give me pass for the left leg. There was one more episode when I should have shot but decided to pass to Smolov. Fedor told me before the game: when we enter the penalty area, find open space and I will give you pass for your left leg. So the plan worked.

— What did you feel when you entered the pitch with the captain's armband?

— Thanks a lot to the management of the club and the team for this beautiful moment. I was truly satisfied, it was so cool.

— Did you like the atmosphere at VTB Arena?

— The atmosphere was great. My family, parents and friends were at the game, so I'm happy and proud to play for Dynamo and fulfil my dream. Thanks everyone for the trust. I hope that this season Dynamo will become champions.

— What did Slavisa Jokanovic told you before the game?

— He told me to enjoy myself and make a couple of body hits and that I did.

— What can you say about the opposing team composed of bloggers?

— They played well, did their best to show their skills on the pitch.