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Arsen Zakharyan: I hope that our stands will be full again

Arsen Zakharyan

In the interview to the Vse na match broadcast the attacking midfielder of the White-Blues Arsen Zakharyan told about the training camps with Slaviša Jokanović, the upcoming first round fixture against Rostov and Alex Ovechkin's goal for Dynamo.

— Did training camps with the new head coach go hard for you?

— In principle, every training camp is hard. Slaviša Jokanović holds more serious training sessions. They are intense and last longer. It was hard at first, but now it's okay.

— What impressions did the previous season bring – more positive or you could have played even better?

— The whole season has been positive. At the end of the Premier League, we pulled out the very minimum out of what we could have done. But if we have a look at the season as a whole, then I will mark it as positive.

— Not all foreign coaches work as successfully and leave as nicely as Sandro Schwarz did. The fans cherished him, he built a cool team. How did he manage to understand the mysterious Russian soul so quickly?

— Sandro is an emotional person in his own right. He rendered his character to the team. We completed training camps with him and got closer. Schwarz is a young coach, so it was easy for us to work with him.

Sandro Schwarz and Arsen Zakharyan

— How quickly did you recover after the Russian Cup final loss? It is clear that the result did not meet your expectations.

— There was a lot of disappointment. But when the season ended, we were sad for three days, then recovered. We are to keep moving.

— What can you say about Nail Umyarov's behavior at the end of the Cup final?

— Umyarov is a good and kind guy. We always talked at the Russian U-21 team. Well, he posted his revelation after the final. Who cares!

— Dynamo will face Rostov in the first round. Is it an important match for you, given the fact that the Russian national team manager is heading this side?

— I don’t think so. The match against Rostov will not be particular. We have already started against them last season. Now it will be another good game.

Alex Ovechkin

— How was it played together with Alex Ovechkin? Did he train with the football club or he came straight to the game and scored a goal?

— No, he came to the match at once and captained the team. Ovechkin is a top athlete. You saw what a goal he scored from his left foot!

— The club celebrates a centenary this season. Does this fact give additional responsibility?

— Personally, I try not to think about it a lot, because I don’t want to overburn. In general, this will be an important season for the club and our fans. We will try to move step by step and win matches. And then we'll see.

— Another important theme is related to Arsen Zakharyan’s football future. As far as we know, there was a real interest in you from the German side Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

— There was interest, but I can't answer this question concretely. It's probably better for you to address directly to the club. They know more.

— Aren't you upset that you didn't go anywhere and stayed at Dynamo?

— No, I'm not upset (smiles).

— Do you see yourself one day in a European club?

— So far I see myself only at Dynamo, but in the future I would like to try myself in one of the European leagues.

— Finally, what will you say to Dynamo fans?

— I hope that our stands will be full again. Our team counts on the fans’ support.