# Daniil Fomin
Source: Dynamo TV

Daniil Fomin: Before the penalty execution I was a little worried, but everything went well

Daniil Fomin shared his emotions after the match against Ufa (3:2). Dynamo central midfielder converted two penalties in this encounter.

— Share your impressions of such an exciting game.

— This was a crazy match. We won, got the man advantage, then the opponent made it 2:2, and we scored the third goal in the end. The match was very emotional, but the main thing is our win.

— A football player who executes a penalty is under a lot of pressure. How to cope with two such attempts in 8 minutes?

— The goalkeeper also knows me well, because we trained together when I played for Ufa. I was a little worried, but the main thing is that I scored. Now we are moving forward.

— Alexander Belenov is considered a specialist in saving penalties. Did this give additional responsibility?

— Yes, he saved a lot of penalties. And when we trained together, he denied my attempts as well. So I was a little worried, but everything went well.

— What did you talk about during the break?

— We discussed these penalties. We talked a little.

— The second trip to Ufa, and you become again one of the best players of the match. Is it a coincidence or a special mood for the former team?

— I don't even know, let it be a coincidence.

— Is it generally easier to play against a team whose players you know well?

— This year there are not so many friends in the team, only a couple of people. It's great to come back here. I had a very good year in Ufa, the team atmosphere was fantastic. And it was nice to play today. The main thing is a win, the rest is a history.