# Daniil Lesovoy

Daniil Lesovoy: I will try to thank fans for support with my play

Daniil Lesovoy's much-anticipated return has happened at the VTB training camp in Turkey. The left winger had undergone surgery in August and now started training without any restrictions. Daniil shared his emotions and promised to smile more often in an interview to the club's press office.

— You returned to the training process after a long time. How does it feel?

— I feel only positive emotions. I enjoy all the exercises, even a banal run with the team. My impressions are the best.

— During the forced break, we could notice that you were sad and worried. But now, there is a smile on your face for the first time in a long time. Will you smile more often now?

— One hundred percent! Football is my life. Now I will smile more often.

— After learning about your return to the team training sessions, many fans asked to make an interview with you. What can you say to them?

— Yes, I received many messages and kind words from them. Many thanks to our fans for their support. I will try to thank them with my play!

— What goals have you set for the spring part of the season?

— The main goal is to return to the pitch, and then I will set new ones.