# Dynamo-2

Artyom Yapryntsev extends contract with Dynamo


Centre-back Artyom Yapryntsev joined Dynamo Football Academy in September 2016. He trained as a part of the team headed by Philipp Sokolinsky and Vadim Garanin.

In August 2019, Artyom made his debut in the Youth Football League, where he played 25 matches, scored two goals and made an assist throughout two seasons. In September 2020, he made his debut in the Youth Championship, taking part in twenty encounters (4 goals, 1 assist). He came on the pitch 19 times as a captain.

In May 2021, Yapryntsev made his debut for Dynamo-2 in an away fixture against Lokomotiv-Kazanka. Artyom started the current season as the regular centre-back, but he picked up an injury in the fifth round game. He keeps recovering to the present day. In total, 19-year-old Yapryntsev made eleven appearances for Dynamo-2.