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Dynamo and Amazfit: the partnership starts

Cooperation with one of the world's leading brands of electronic accessories is timed to the launch of the fourth generation of GTR and GTS smart devices which emphasizes the philosophy similarity of the Chinese technology brand and our football club.

Dynamo and Amazfit remain loyal to traditions and open to new tendencies. The slogan of the Amazfit brand «Up your game» is a kind of invitation to join an exciting game that will unveil the potential and capabilities of users, including famous football players. The achievements of Amazfit brand concerning the control over physical activity will be useful to athletes. The training experience of the football club will help the company to improve its products.

As part of the partnership, a joint press conference was held at VTB Arena on September 17. Amazfit has already announced a special event for Dynamo fans which is scheduled for October.

The new smart watches which replaced the popular GTS 3 and GTR 3 models have improved many functions:

  • the new smart watches allow you to track movement in real time that will be surely appreciated by athletes and travelers;

  • the number of supported sports modes has increased to 150. Eight of them can be recognized automatically;

  • health monitoring has become more advanced, and the smart watches are now as good as heart rate monitors. Users can immediately measure heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and stress levels with one touch;

  • sleep monitoring feature has been also improved, and now users can create a personal sleep schedule based on their habits — the device will adapt to those who work at night or simply prefer to go to bed late.

The new Amazfit smart watches of the fourth generation will be on sale since September 18.