# Sandro Schwarz

Sandro Schwarz: I am grateful to my players for fighting to the end

Dynamo Head Coach answered journalists' questions after the derby against Spartak (0:2).

— It is worth dividing the game into two halves. We had some chances in the first one, but we were a little unlucky. Spartak could score in a counterattack. Then, Promes performed a fine screamer, showing his skills. In the second half, our team, playing ten men, did its best. I am grateful to my players for their dedication and for fighting to the end.

— Why did the team look so poor in the first half in comparison with the first round match, when Dynamo dominated for almost the entire game?

— We must not forget that we are not only professional athletes, but also just human beings. It's hard to compare these two games. Spartak played well last week in the match against CSKA, but then they were unlucky. They have quite a lot of skilled players, and we understood that the game would not be easy. In the first half we defended well enough, both teams had chances, but they were a little luckier.

— Is it possible to call this defeat the most painful under your stewardship?

— I would not compare more or less painful defeats. There are more important moments in life than matches lost. I would like to thank the team once again for their selfless play and full dedication in the second half.

— After the first half, you had a very serious conversation with the main referee Sergey Karasyov. What did you want to convey to him?

— There were quite a lot of controversial episodes in the first half, but I would not focus on them in detail. We just talked to him about these issues.

— In general, what would you tell about the refereeing? Do you agree with Guillermo Varela’s dismissal?

— I wouldn't talk exclusively about today's game. I have already expressed my opinion about refereeing several times. Today, already on the 30th second, the referee showed a yellow card to one of the players, putting him under a certain pressure for the whole game. Varela's second yellow card is just the result of the refereeing strategy that Karasyov chose today.

— Did you like the atmosphere at the stadium, which was almost completely filled today?

— I can say extremely positive words about our fans that filled the arena and led us forward. We all feel it. The fans make a whole of us. We come out on the pitch and play football for their sake.