# Sandro Schwarz

Sandro Schwarz: We lost concentration and tactical consistency since the 60th minute

Dynamo Head Coach answered journalists' questions after the match against Krylia Sovetov (0:1).

— Before the conceded goal, we played well enough, performed aggressively and created goalscoring chances. Unfortunately, we conceded a goal in the counterattack, after which we could have equalized. Since the 60th minute we lost concentration and tactical consistency, especially during the ball possession. And we didn't have any more chances to tie the game.

— Could the substitutions you made strengthen Dynamo play?

— I would not like to focus on this aspect. Unfortunately, the fielded players could not strengthen the play. In the second half, everyone lost the ball quite often, there was no tactical consistency. This has been our main trouble in the last 30 minutes.

— Does this defeat look like the one that the team suffered from Nizhny Novgorod?

— No, these two games were different, although they have the same result. Both of these defeats are quite painful.