# Sebastian Szymanski

Sebastian Szymanski: We need to keep moving forward and play our football constantly

The Dynamo attacking midfielder recalled all the goals scored in the winning match against Arsenal Tula. The Polish international was named Man of this match.

— On 15th minute you opened the scoring. Why did you decide to shoot into the near corner?

— I had to make a decision quickly. I saw that the near corner was open and shot into it. I am very happy to score.

— The second goal came from a corner kick. Do you practice this aspect at training sessions?

— Yes, of course. We always train the option with a cross to this point, from where Fabián or Vanya can score. Fabián did it today. I congratulate him on his first goal for Dynamo.

— Today you scored a goal, made an assist, and then started the attack, which led to the third goal. Which attack did you like the most?

— I will choose the first and third goals. I will pick up the first one, because we also train throw-in situations. And the third goal was a team goal: everyone played very well. Parshivlyuk ran in perfectly, made a good cross and Grulev scored – well done.

— How did the team manage to make the game by the middle of the first half?

— It's good that we played our own football from the first minutes. We immediately showed that we were playing at home. If we perform the same way in every game, we will score goals early and then possess the ball confidently.

— You were named Man of the match. Do you agree with the experts' decision?

— I have a lot of respect for our team. If we earn three points, then everyone is well done and this award belongs to the whole team.

— The first round is over. Dynamo go second with 29 points. What can you say about this part of the season?

— It's very good that we are in the top three. Yes, we lost points in several games, but we need to keep moving forward and show our football as we did today. If we play like this, everything will be even better.