# Yaroslav Gladyshev
Source: Club Editorial Board

Yaroslav Gladyshev: «Goals motivate especially — I want to train harder to score more often»

18-year-old centre-forward told about his debut goal for the first team and commented on the friendly match against Dynamo Ceske Budejovice (4:0).

— Yaroslav, you played for the first team for the second time, and already scored your first goal. Remember how it happened.

— One of the defenders cleared the ball, I struggled for it and assisted to Sly who ran forward. He came one-on-one with the goalkeeper, but did not manage to score. The ball returned to me, I saw that the goalkeeper came out of the goal, and I struck over him.

— After that, you began to feel more confident on the pitch, went to tackle, and had no mercy upon your opponents.

— Goals motivate especially, I want to train harder to score more often.

— What did Sandro Schwarz tell you before he let you out on the pitch at halftime?

— The coach asked me to be active ahead and aim for a goal.

— Did you enjoy the match? It seemed that today the ball went faster than in the first game against CFR.

— Today, it was easier. In the previous match we were overloaded. Plus, we trained hard for two weeks before that. Now we have recovered more or less and have already played tactics. We managed to score three goals in ten minutes.

— Did you enjoy the 45 minutes you spent on the pitch?

— Of course, I did. You need to play football for pleasure.

— Did you score a special goal today? After all, this is your first goal in the first team.

— I think there is nothing special about this goal.

— Are your seven goals for Dynamo-2 last season cooler than today’s goal?

— I scored in the Professional Football League, and that was a regular friendly game.

— What will come next?

— Hope to score more often.