Aleksandr Rodionov: Walking, cold training, vitamins and healthy sleep are important to boost the immune system

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Aleksandr Rodionov

Aleksandr Rodionov

This week is considered World Immunization Week. No one will tell you better about boosting the immunity of football players and fans than the Dynamo Head of medicine! Aleksandr Rodionov told about the medical bag contents during the match, the benefit of vitamins and the help of the Solgar Company.

— How much meters does the medical staff run during the match? How much does the medical bag weigh?

— Good question. We can take special sensors from our fitness coaches in any match and see the result. From game to game these numbers differ – there are such matches when we just sit and watch, and all medical care takes place in the dressing room.

The weight of a medical bag varies from 2 to 4 kilograms. There should be an elementary kit with which we can help a football player on the pitch. The doctor chooses the necessary means himself.

— This year the World Immunization Week is being held from April 24. Tell us how the Dynamo medical staff boosts the immunity of football players.

— We have to monitor this every day both at training camps and during our training days. This process may seem easy, but it is not, because we constantly have to select vitamins for a concrete player using additional laboratory tests.

For a long time we have received help with vitamin sets from our partner Solgar Company. Thanks to its wide range, we can choose one or another set both for the general immunization of all the players of the team, and an additional source of vitamins for a concrete player. We have a daily intake of vitamins. They are always at hand in our restaurant. We constantly write to the guys – what, when and how much to take. All the players know this.

— Why do you recommend Solgar vitamins and which vitamins are especially important?

— Solgar is a fairly well–known brand that established itself on the world market back in the late 40s. It has never let us down. All sets are hypoallergenic. The guys have never had any side effects. We have vitamins C, D, omega in a constant diet. We also monitor the intestinal immunity of footballers. Solgar has good vitamin sets for this, amino acids of good quality – we have all this in constant availability. Deliveries have never stopped for us. Everything is delivered at any request, so everything is fine.

— Give a piece of advice to our fans – what are the most effective ways to boost immunity?

— The simplest and most effective ones are cold training, walking in the fresh air, only without hypothermia. You need to walk in any weather. There should also be a healthy sleep: the body has to fully recover, and it happens best of all when you sleep.