Press credentials

Press credentials

Press credentials

Due to existing restrictions no season accreditations will be given for 2021-2022.

Please, send your accreditation requests to They will be reviewed in individual order.

Due to limited seats in press stand of VTB Arena because of social distancing requirements, only Mass media representatives with one-time accreditation will be admitted to the stadium. Each media outlet is entitled to 1 Press and 1 Photo accreditation.

Accreditation to the post-match press conference of head coaches is carried out separately. In their requests media outlets should specify full name of their employee, his phone number and email. He/she will receive special link to the Zoom conference.

You can also watch press conference live on our YouTube channel.

Accreditation requests for photographers, who should work in a clean zone and may shoot from behind the goal line, will be reviewed in individual order. Such request should contain the following information: certificate with the result of PCR test (made within 72 hours from the matchday), media outlet, full name, phone number and email of the photographer. Other photographers are accredited in the common order and work from the press stand.

Only people wearing protective medical masks are admitted to the stadium, press center and press stand. Please, follow the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and don't forget about social distancing.

Before getting their accreditations Mass media representatives should show personal QR code that could be obtained on (it is given to those who is vaccinated, has negative PCR test or has recently had COVID-19). Body temperature is measured at the entrance to the stadium. People whose temperature is 37°С and higher won't be admitted to the arena.