Disabled fans

Disabled fans

Disabled fans

Dynamo Moscow and the VTB Arena take care of the accessibility of home matches for everyone.

People with disabilities who use a wheelchair, as well as disabled people of the 1st group, have the right to attend any home match of FC Dynamo at the VTB Arena for free. The right to a free entry also applies to one accompanying person.

To do this, you can submit a request for invitation tickets to the next match to a club employee at e.schegolev@fcdynamo.ru. Acceptance of electronic applications begins with the start of ticket sales for the match and ends 2 days before the match.

You must send the following information in one email:

1) full name of a fan with a disability, as well as his fan card number, mobile phone number and email address specified when registering on the gosuslugi.ru website;

2) full name of the accompanying person, as well as his fan ID card number, mobile phone number and email address specified when registering on the website gosuslugi.ru;

3) a certificate of disability with an identification document;

4) car number if special parking is required.

Fans with 2nd and 3rd disability groups, as well as pensioners, have the right to purchase a ticket to sectors of the 1st tier of stands A and C of the stadium with a 50% discount upon presentation of an identification document, a fan ID card and a certificate of disability. These documents must be sent to tickets@fcdm.ru. The letter must also indicate the desired place for purchase, telephone number and email to place the order. The benefit is provided only for persons who have supporting documents; accompanying persons are not included in their number. For more information call 8 (495) 987-19-23.

The day before the match, the specified fan with a disability and his accompanying person will receive the QR codes required to attend the match in their personal account on gosuslugi.ru.

Passage for guests with disabilities is carried out through entrance groups specially equipped for such fans.

There are specially equipped toilets in the 4th floor foyer.

During the event, wheelchair users and their accompanying persons are located in places on the first tier.

Entrance is through the 4th floor.

On match days, the stadium has a special support line, which can be contacted at +7 916 326-68-85.

Infrastructure for disables fans during match days

Infrastructure for disables fans during match days