Anton Shunin: I hope fans will come to support us against Zenit more than ever

# Anton Shunin

The White-Blues’ goalkeeper and captain told about the tough match against Ufa, Sebastian Szymanski’s state of health and preparation for big games.

— Today, two Ufa footballers were sent off in the first half, and the rivals started playing deep. A goalkeeper cannot enjoy such matches, that's right?

— Of course, when you're in the game, it's always easier. There were practically no chances at our goal, and I entered the game only when the guys assisted me back. But you still need to keep concentration for the entire 90 minutes, because the rival can counterattack at any time.

— Do you remember the matches when one team was left nine men in the first half?

— I don't remember this happening. But it wasn't easy for our team. You understand that the rival has two less players on the pitch. They start playing deep and fight back. If you don't score early, then you are always on the rack throughout the entire game. It's good that we scored in each of the halves and ended the match without unnecessary nerve-racking.

— Five minutes after the kick-off, Sebastian Szymanski was injured. It was difficult for the team to immediately regroup. What should you do in such an emergency situation?

— Sergey Parshivlyuk immediately encouraged him, and at half-time we all came to Seba. We have more than 20 players in the team, and everyone is ready to come on the pitch and help. At such moments, the team should not fall apart, but need to show its football and attack further.

— How does Sebastian feel?

— He is OK. He immediately got up and continued to play. I hope that he has nothing serious and he will have time to prepare for the match against Zenit. Now Sebastian needs to undergo a medical examination. It will be clear in a couple of days.

— You kept another clean sheet and came even closer to the Lev Yashin's Club. Are you thinking about it?

— Usually, the closer, the more difficult. I hope it won't be like that this time. I would really like to enter the Lev Yashin's Club, but I try not to think about it. First of all, the team result is important to me. We need to climb in the table, keep winning and moving on. And whether we concede a goal or not is not so important, the clean sheet is just a nice bonus to any of the matches.

— Was there any additional pressure on the team that you would come to Zenit as close as possible if you beat Ufa?

— I don't read anything and I advise our players to do the same. The more you win and rise higher, the more people speak about you, and this does not always have a positive effect. You need to read less, work more and prepare for the upcoming matches. Of course, the pre-game motivation is very important. It helps not to stumble in difficult games.

— Dynamo are two points behind Zenit, and the so-called winter champion will be determined in the next round. Are you glad that the stands will be able to fill up to 70 percent?

— Of course, I really hope that our fans will come to support us in this match more than ever. We will try to show our best football. Come to the stadium and support our team!