# Denis Makarov
Source: Dynamo Press Office

Denis Makarov: After talking to Schwarz, I realized that we have similar football views

The winger Denis Makarov shared his first impressions after joining Dynamo from Rubin Kazan.

— When Dynamo's offer came, I decided for myself that this is a new challenge that motivates me to move forward and grow as a player. I hope and believe that everything will go well, and I will be of great benefit to Dynamo.

I talked to Sandro Schwarz. Both we were glad to make acquaintance. The main thing I got from this conversation — we have similar football views. I expect a meeting with the head coach, after which we will talk about everything on the spot.

What goals do I set at Dynamo? First of all, we need to be as high as possible in the standings, our team needs to participate in big tournaments, European cups. I want to enter the Russian national team from Dynamo growing both as a football player and as a person, all the time moving forward.

The farewell to Slutsky and Yarovinsky was emotional. We thanked each other for common work. This stage of my career turned out to be very interesting and bright. I am grateful to Leonid Viktorovich for opening up new opportunities for my progress, which allowed me to become better every day. I believe that it will be the same in my new club — Dynamo.

I remember well the matches against Dynamo last year. These games were always interesting and intense — no one wanted to give up, a tough struggle was everywhere, in every episode. The matches were played at high pace and with a genuine devotion from both teams.

The Dynamo stadium is magnificent, beautiful and very cozy. There is a good quality pitch. It is very important that our fans come and support the team in every match, and we will try to make them happy.