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Diego Laxalt: When I went to RPL, I thought it would be easier here

Ahead of the game against Akhmat Diego Laxalt gave interview to the Dynamo press service where he talked about his wedding and the level of Russian football.

This winter you got married? How was the wedding?

— It was a special day for me that I will remember. There was summer in Uruguay, but due to COVID restrictions we invited only closest relatives and friends. We didn't want to organize a big event, but still my wife Antonella, daughter Julieta and I enjoyed every moment of that day.

Which famous people attended your wedding? Varela?

— Yes, Guillermo was there. Unfortunately, because of the date and all other circumstances other players, who we could have invited, weren't able to attend our wedding.

What can you say about the level of football in Russia?

— The level is pretty good. Frankly speaking, when I went to RPL I though it would be easier here. In Russia, they can play at a very competitive level.

— In the second official game you had to play on artificial pitch. Was that your first such experience?

— No, I played on such pitches before several times. But each time it's not easy because we train on natural pitch and it is a real problem to readjust for only one match.

— Journalists often say that it's harder for Dynamo to earn points in the spring part of the season. Do you agree?

— We are talking about the second half of the season. In the first half one loss is not critical because there are a lot of matches ahead, but now value of points is rising with every match. And it is not only in Russia, everywhere.


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