Dynamo vs Qatari Military football team: first match of 2022 winter training camps live

# VTB Training Camp

On January 20, Dynamo will play the first friendly at the Qatar VTB training camp. The White-Blues are going to face the Qatari Military football team.

The fixture will be held at the Khaled Salman football pitch of the Aspire Academy complex, where Dynamo players have been practicing since January 12. Kick-off time - 5:15 p.m.

Fedor Smolov will make his first appearance for Dynamo after returning to the parent club 7.5 years later. The spectators will certainly see Dynamo-2 youngsters in action — the midfielders Andrey Mazurin, Georgy Sulakvelidze and Kirill Zhukovsky have been invited to the first team by Dynamo head coach Sandro Schwarz.

Sebastian Szymanski, who is the team leader according to goal + assist system, will probably miss the game. The Polish international underwent surgery in December due to a bilateral groin hernia. He started training in Doha three days later than other footballers and is now following an individual program.

The day after the game against the Qataris, Dynamo first training camp will come to an end. Our players will fly back to Moscow, where they will get three days off. The second and third training camps will be held in Turkey.

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