Dynamo and bioniq start strategic cooperation

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FC Dynamo Moscow and health-tech company bioniq have announced the start of strategic cooperation based on the health support of the players of our football club.

bioniq is a company that offers personalized solutions to optimize a person's well-being and health based on clinical data. All football players will undergo a bioniq LIFE checkup which will reveal possible deficiencies in their body. Based on the results of this analysis, a personalized complex of vitamins and trace nutrients will be created for each of them. The complex is made of Swiss raw stuff.

Pavel Pivovarov, Dynamo General Director:

— We are glad to have a new partner whose views coincide with our brand strategy and worldview. After all, Dynamo are not only football, but also the lifestyle of a modern and active person who regularly takes care of his own health and monitors his well-being, using the latest technologies.

Last season, we created the Dynamo Runs club which is now ranked in the top 3 running clubs in Moscow. Recently, we presented the Dynamo sports smart watches.

Now we are starting a strategic cooperation with bioniq which is a leading company in the field of health care. Bioniq uses the most advanced technologies in its industry. We are sure that its achievements and experience will be useful not only to our football players, but also to Dynamo fans.

Sergey Arens, Managing Director of bioniq in Russia:

— We have cooperated a lot with different sports organizations. Our ambassadors are Olympic champions, volleyball and basketball players, ballerinas of the Bolshoi Theater, but we started working with a football club for the first time.

We are glad that our first cooperation in football is associated with Dynamo Moscow, because our views coincide.