Dynamo defeat Spartak in a Cup match

# Fonbet Russian Cup

The encounter of the Fonbet Russian Cup group stage 5th round that was held at VTB Arena, ended in a 3:0 win for the hosts.

Following the tradition, Marcel Licka chose a mixed squad for the Cup derby. Stanislav Bessmertnyi took the right-back position, Daniil Fomin formed a tandem with Aleksandr Kutitsky in the midfield, while Fedor Smolov was fielded at the helm.

High motivation of both teams felt from the very beginning. Hard pressure, constant tackles and interceptions set a high bar of struggle on the green square. Already in the first minute, Yaroslav Gladyshev shot on goal. Then Daniil Lesovoy upheld an attacking wave crossing to Smolov, who couldn't beat Aleksandr Maksimenko from close range.

The Dynamo number 10 willingly created chances for teammates: Dmitry Skopintsev fired wide from 11 meters after Smolov's pass, and a little later Fedor prepared a good position for Fomin – however, Maksimenko made another good save. Gladyshev did not manage to convert a clever assist by Bitello.

From time to time Spartak counterattacked well, but these attacks did not pose any particular danger to Igor Leshchuk's goal. Only Anton Zinkovsky's shot from the penalty line could be named as goal scoring chance.

Dynamo attacked in a variety of ways, but it seemed that the problems with finishing did not go away in this match either. However, the last five minutes shocked the visitors. First, Fedor Smolov ambushed a rebound in the penalty area and struck powerfully ... into Bitello, whose back touch became fatal for the Red-Whites. A couple of minutes later Smolov perfectly crossed low into the penalty area at Fomin. Daniil's first shot was deflected by Maksimenko, but the Spartak goalkeeper could not cope with Fomin's twin strike – 2:0.

During the break, the visitors made a pair of substitutions and began to control the ball more, but the counterattacks of the White-Blues looked much more dangerous. Maksimenko dropped the ball after Fomin's shot and at the last moment the goalkeeper brushed it off Smolov's leg. In the next offensive Daniil Fomin kicked the ball over Maksimenko in the style of Vladimir Rykov, but this time the goalkeeper managed to return to the goal timely.

The appearance of Quincy Promes and Christopher Martins did not help Spartak either. Bitello continued to organize the attacks of our team, playing both unconventionally and effectively. After his corner kick, Nicholas Marichal headed home – it's a pity that Maksimenko chose the right place on the goal line.

Dynamo players spent the end of the derby calmly and did not allow the opponent to create anything. Smolov did not use a one-on-one run, but he started the third goal scoring opportunity assisting on Vyacheslav Grulev. Slava crossed along the goal, Maksimenko hit the ball in front of him, and Ivan Zazvonkin sent it into the empty net. It is impossible to imagine a better debut for a 19-year-old central midfielder!

After five rounds the White-Blues collected 8 points and stay second in the group D. In the upcoming championship game Dynamo will face Fakel Voronezh at VTB Arena.