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Dynamo cut big lead in friendly derby against Lokomotiv

Alexis Beka Beka and Konstantin Tyukavin

The final pre-season game that was held at RZD Arena, ended in a 3:3 draw.

Dynamo starting eleven was usual taking Ivan Ordets and Fabián Balbuena's departure into consideration. Two youngsters Saba Sazonov and Aleksandr Kutitsky formed a centre-back duo. Guillermo Varela and Arsen Zakharyan continued to get fit. That's why both players remained on the bench.

In the first half there was a two-way street when both sides were making efforts to threaten the opponent's goal. Lokomotiv opened the score in the 17th minute. Lucas Fasson capitalised on rebound after the corner kick and smashed the ball past Anton Shunin.

Denis Makarov was one the most spectacular footballers on the pitch who played creatively and in a bright manner. Luka Gagnidze and Fedor Smolov made impressive backheel passes to Denis. Makarov fired into the near post from outside the penalty box.

Dmitry Zhivoglyadov and Daniil Fomin

By the end of the first half Khudyakov saved his teammates twice – first turning the ball away after Smolov's curling strike and then hypnotizing the crossbar which came to his rescue after Fomin's header.

The start of the second half became a cold shower for the White-Blues. Anton Miranchuk and Gyrano Kerk secured a comfortable 3:0 advantage for the Railwaymen. Dynamo players didn't lose courage and could cut the lead thanks to Grulev and Smolov's efforts.

Fedor Smolov

Fresh Varela, Tyukavin, Zakharyan and Gladyshev came on the pitch at the moment when Dynamo started chasing the hosts. Arsen and Yaroslav were close to organize a nice goal, but the latter shot wide from distance.

Tyukavin shined in the next episode showing brilliant dribbling skills. However, Khudyakov stopped Kostya with his chest.

In the third half Igor Leshchuk denied Stanislav Magkeyev's effort. Several minutes later the ball found the net after Maksim Petrov's long-range shot. Vladislav Bezborodov whistled for offside and the goal was cancelled.

Vyacheslav Grulev and Tin Jedvaj

In the 111th minute youngsters' duo – Tyukavin and Gladyshev – created a vital goal for Dynamo. Yaroslav turned around on the right wing and crossed accurately to Konstantin whose header left no chance to Guillerme. Tyukavin netted his fifth goal during this summer pre-season.

The White-Blues finished the preparation period with a 3:3 draw and will now face Rostov in the first RPL matchday at VTB Arena on July 17.