Fabian Balbuena: We will do everything possible for Dynamo being on top in the table

# Fabian Balbuena

The Paraguayan centre-back shared the joy of scoring the first goal in Dynamo career and summed up the first part of the championship.

— After the first two international breaks, you missed the Russian Premier League matches, but this time you played all 90 minutes. Was it difficult to recover after the flight from South America?

— I arrived the day before the game the first two times. And it was difficult to recover by the match. But this time I had a couple of days to rest and prepare for the match. So everything is okay, we played great.

— We congratulate you on the first goal in Dynamo career. You had chances in previous matches, but you managed to score only yesterday. Weren't you worried about the goal drought?

— No, I wasn't worried about it. I tried to do my work well. The main thing for the defender is to help the team in defense and leave the opponent goalless. Of course, I am glad to score my first goal for Dynamo. But it is more important that the team will continue to win.

— How many times did you manage to score after such crosses by Sebastian Szymanski in training?

— I often score like that during training sessions, but it's different. It is much more difficult to score in official matches. Thank you Seba for an excellent corner kick execution.

— Who did you dedicate this goal to?

— I dedicated it to my family.

— Yesterday the team managed to score 4 times in 12 minutes. What is the secret of such a performance?

— We converted our chances very well. Of course, the game is always easier when the team is so effective in attack. We need to continue working this way and win in the future.

— Dynamo finished the first part of the championship on second place. Are you satisfied with this result?

— Yes, this is a good result for the middle of the season. Now we need to continue working until the end of the championship. Hopefully we can get as high as possible. We will do our best for Dynamo being on top in the table.