Fedor Smolov: I am sincerely glad to be home again

# Fedor Smolov

The centre-forward shared his emotions after signing a contract with the White-Blues.

— When I heard about Dynamo interest, I focused only on this option. Somewhere I didn't even fully believe that this transfer would happen. I thought maybe something would go wrong. Now I am experiencing very interesting and nice feelings. I can call them nostalgia... When I entered the club’s office, I saw a lot of people I know.

I really want to help the team! Dynamo are only two points behind the leader. The chase for the championship title is still ahead and my thoughts are now to come on the pitch and win. I am ready for a big work. The requirements of the coaching staff are very serious, but extremely clear.

Of course, I have been following Dynamo performance not only this season, but practically since my departure. I learned a lot at Dynamo, I became a professional footballer here. I was very happy when everything finally got better for the club and the negative moments slipped away. The team regrouped and began to show nice attacking football. I am sincerely glad to come back home. I hope to benefit the team and make all Dynamo fans happy.