# Guillermo Varela
Source: Dynamo Press Office

Guillermo Varela: «Dynamo are my family»

Full-back Guillermo Varela shared his emotions after penning a two-year contract with the White-Blues.

— I'm very happy to continue playing at Dynamo. I feel great in Russia and especially at Dynamo. I'm satisfied with everything here: ambitions of our club, level of the league, life in Moscow. Dynamo are my family.

The team changed a little. If earlier I could communicate in Spanish only with Vladimir Moskvichyov, now there are much more players who speak my language — we have Diego Laxalt and Fabián Balbuena in our ranks. A year ago, the guys helped me to adapt. Today is my turn to explain some things.

I'm still thinking about the shirt number. It was not bad to play under the number 2, but I like numbers 6 and 22. Maybe if I take twenty-two instead of two, my effectiveness doubles? (laughs).