# Igor Leschuk

Igor Leshchuk: We are getting used to Jokanovic and he is doing the same

Igor Leshchuk

Dynamo goalkeeper Igor Leshchuk shared his impressions of the start of the Premier League against Rostov (1:1) and told about common work with the new manager.

— The game turned out to be good. Of course, we want to win every match. We were leading by 1:0, but in the second half we lost the initiative and did not keep the necessary score.

— What could be the reason for the worse play in the second half?

— We made some adjustments, and began focusing on defense.

— What can you say about training camps that were held by the new head coach? Have you already adapted to Slaviša Jokanović’s requirements?

— Everything is fine. We are getting used to him and he is doing the same.

— What goals are set at Dynamo?

— The club management didn’t announce it. But I think that we need to maintain the level of the previous season. Can we compete with Zenit? We'll see. The team has been renewed, and it will depend on the relationship with the new head coach, how quickly we will understand his principles. We will see it in the forthcoming rounds.