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Kevin Kuranyi: I hope we can celebrate Dynamo's top spot at the end of the season

Dynamo fans always recall Kevin Kuranyi with warm feelings. The German striker became the best foreign topscorer in the club’s history. In five years, he netted 56 goals in 151 matches for the White-Blues. We talked to Kevin and found out if he was following Dynamo performance, what German coaches’ secret of success was and when he planned to come to Russia.

— Hello, Kevin! All Dynamo fans are eager to know how you are doing.

— I'm fine. My family is fine, too.

— How often do you watch Dynamo games? Describe the team's playing style, please. In your opinion, what can the team achieve this season and in the coming years?

— I rarely get the opportunity to watch Dynamo full matches. But I regularly watch highlights. And I really like what I see. The team is on the right track. I am convinced that Dynamo will reach European cups this season. And if they're lucky, maybe they'll win something more considerable. If the club can keep this team and strengthen it, it will be the Dynamo, which is worthy of its glorious history.

— You played together with Fedor Smolov. Now he's back home. What do you think about this transfer? Will the striker be able to make our team stronger?

— I like the footballer Smolov, and I am happy for him and for Dynamo. This is an amazing story that can be useful to both sides. Fedor is full of motivation to show himself. He should become a good example for young football players with his experience. He can be the same for them as Andrey Voronin and I were for him and Sasha Kokorin. Of course, he can become one of Dynamo key players. I am sure he will bring new colors to the team's football.

— When Smolov was young, what playing skills caught your eye? What piece of advice did you give him in the past? And what could you tell him now?

— He was very fast and had excellent skills. I always persuaded him that he needed to work very hard and always believe in himself in order to achieve his goals. I think he started doing it at some point. Now I wish him to become one of Dynamo key players as soon as possible and help the team to show the same spectacular football during the spring part of the season.

«I think Sandro's secret of success is based on courage»

— What do you think about Sandro Schwarz? What do they say about him and his successful work at Dynamo in Germany?

— I like him both as a person and as a head coach. I am delighted, when I see how he is leading Dynamo to success. He freely trusts young players. He is not afraid of doing it. In addition, he focuses on attacking and attractive football. Major German newspapers regularly make publications about him and his success. They discussed the fact that he was named the Premier League best coach of the month three times.

— How did Sandro manage to create a successful team in such a short time?

— I think the secret is in his courage! Believe me, it takes a lot of courage to trust young players in big matches and not to be afraid of fielding them. It's great that it was rewarded by the team results and the personal progress of young footballers. It is extremely important to feel the full support from the club’s side. And Sandro feels it, which allows him to calmly do his job and move forward step by step.

— Andrey Voronin is now part of Schwarz's coaching staff. Did it surprise you that he decided to focus on a coaching career? Remember please the best moments from the games you played together.

— Yes, I was really surprised. In general, I always thought that Andrey would rather open his own fitness centre (laughs). But if we talk seriously, Voronin is a perfect match for Dynamo: he knows both German and Russian. He was a great player in the club’s history. I can recall a lot of cool moments related to Andrey at Dynamo. We were great for each other – there was a real chemistry between us on and off the pitch.

— Why are German coaches so successful and popular in Russia? What's their secret?

— I think that German coaches get a good professional education. They are well prepared. As a result, we have a huge number of super-young specialists in our country. And they are going not only to Russia. Nagelsmann works at Bayern München, Tedesco moves to RB Leipzig, Jaissle joins RB Salzburg and Tuchel works at Chelsea. Sandro belongs to this respectable company.

«I spent wonderful five years in Moscow»

— When will we see you in Russia again?

— I like to visit Moscow. As soon as the situation with the coronavirus in the world becomes better, I will arrive. I was going to attend the traditional Legends’ Cup, but it was canceled just for this reason. In any case, I plan to come.

— Which places do you like the most in Moscow?

— My favorite places in the Russian capital are the Dynamo Stadium and the Red Square.

— With what feelings do you recall the time spent at Dynamo?

— It's been an absolutely wonderful five years for me and my family. We all felt very comfortable in Moscow, and I felt at ease at Dynamo. In terms of sporting results, everything was pretty good: we made a lot of noise in the Europa League and played in the Russian Cup final. It's a pity that we lost to Rubin.

— What are your three best goals for Dynamo?

— A bicycle kick against Lokomotiv and two headers against Napoli in 2015 and Spartak in 2011.

— You sent a great birthday greeting to Anton Shunin. Do you communicate with other Dynamo teammates?

— I keep in touch with many guys: Wilkshire, Fernandez, Samedov, Rotenberg, Noboa. I'm sure I forgot a couple of names.

— Say a few words to Dynamo fans on the eve of the resuming of the season.

— I always remember Dynamo fans with pleasure. I recall great time spent in Moscow and at Dynamo. Thank you for your wonderful support. I am very glad that Dynamo are having such a great season. I hope we will celebrate the club's top spot at the end of the season together.

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