FC Dynamo Moscow News | Marcel Lichka: "Two winning finishes give us belief in ourselves and add strength." Official club website Dynamo.

Marcel Lichka: "Two winning endings give us confidence and add strength"

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FC Dynamo Moscow News | Marcel Lichka: "Two winning finishes give us faith in ourselves and add strength". Official Dynamo Club Website.

The head coach of "Dynamo" Marcel Lichka in a flash interview with the "Match Premier" TV channel spoke about his expectations for the meeting with "Krylia Sovetov".

— What state, especially mentally, is the team approaching this most important match?

— I am confident that we will be all right on the mental side. In the last two weeks, you try more to create the right mood, a positive atmosphere, so that the guys have a clear head. It's understandable that when you arrive at the stadium, a certain nervousness and emotions appear. You want the game to start as soon as possible. As Sergey Parshivlyuk correctly said, we need to play our own football and enjoy it.

— The team has released a lot of emotions at the ends of the last two matches. Was it necessary to somehow dampen them to approach the match with a cool head?

— It's good that the team played two such matches, snatching victories at the very end. It gives you faith in yourself and adds strength to go after your dream. Who could have said a month ago that we would now be in first place? Few expected it, but the opponents gave us this chance, and our team took advantage of it. Now we have two tough steps to take forward.

— Igor Osin'kin noted your super attacking lineup. Will we see "Dynamo" today, which will rush forward from the first minutes?

— I am sure that we will maintain a balance between attack and defense because they have two good forwards – Rahmanovich and Shitov – as well as good flanks with Garre and Saltykov. Three very fast players and Rahmanovich, who is a smart enough footballer, with good field vision. We need to think not only about the attack but also about defense. Do not think that Samara came here just to see the Red Square and go home. They came to show themselves and play to the maximum of their abilities.

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