Marcel Licka: I can put a '4 minus' mark to our youngsters for their play at camps

Marcel Licka: I can put a '4 minus' mark to our youngsters for their play at camps

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Marcel Lichka: "Young footballers played to a 'C minus' grade at the winter training camp"

Dynamo head coach Marcel Licka commented on the defeat from Baltika at the VTB training camp in Turkey (0:3).

— Were you very upset about the first defeat at the winter training camp?

— The result didn't upset me much. Rather, I was disappointed that in the first half, the young guys thought that after successful games against Orenburg and Krylya everything would go easily for them this time as well. They lost every tackle, there was no aggressiveness on the pitch at all. The difference between two centre-forwards – Chupayov and Fameyeh – in how they saved the ball was visible. There were many simple mistakes in passing.

— Milan Maistorovic played the entire match for the first time. Can we say that he has fully recovered from the injury?

— It's clear that it was hard for him to play the whole match. I asked him how he felt on the 70th minute, and I saw his great desire to finish the game. I am very pleased that he has already played in 3 matches and tried very hard. He has recovered from the injury, but he still needs a month and a half to reach optimal conditions.

— The young footballers from the second team played the final friendly match. What mark would you put them for these training sessions?

— They played with us in three matches, and for today's half, I would put them a one, but the second half and the encounters against Orenburg and Krylya were better. They tried, they attempted to play the way we work in training, adhering to our game principles. So, they have earned an overall "4 minus" mark.