FC Dynamo Moscow news | Marcel Licka: We made a lot of individual mistakes that the opponent benefited from. Dynamo official website.

Marcel Licka: We made a lot of individual mistakes that the opponent benefited from

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FC Dynamo Moscow News | Marcel Lichka: "We made a lot of individual mistakes that the opponent took advantage of." Official Dynamo Club Website.

Dynamo head coach Marcel Licka answered journalists' questions after the game against Rostov that was held at VTB Arena (1:4).

— Rostov were very good in transitions. They played sharper. We made a lot of individual mistakes that the opponent benefited from. We lacked aggresiveness and speed on the other half of the pitch. It was a very bad day for us. I think the 1:4 score speaks for itself.

— At Orenburg, you have lost more than once with a similar score and you know how to hold a punch. It is clear that today there was a problem in psychology. How will you solve this task?

— When I went to the dressing room at halftime, I did not shout at the footballers. I asked them to continue playing football, play creatively in the penalty area and hit the goal more often. If we had scored quickly, we could have revived the intrigue. Instead, the opponent could have scored the fourth goal immediately after our mistake. I don't want to make excuses, Rostov looked better.

At the beginning of the match, after interceptions, instead of trying to play forward, we turned back more often and organized a positional attack. Rostov players were not afraid to move the ball forward at speed, go into the penalty area and shoot. If we talk about the first goal, I said that I would not be angry solely at the goalkeeper. If we want to play through a pass from our goal, then such situations can happen. There was also poor communication, when the second goal was conceded. During the third conceded goal we were a little unlucky when the ball bounced to a Rostov player. But luck must also be earned, the opponent did just that today.

— If the team won, it would come out on top. Did it affect the psychology of the players?

— I didn't think about it at all, and I was told about it only this morning at the training ground. I concentrated more on the opponent's play and the preparation of my team. Rostov always put a lot of pressure and show great intensity. They are always well prepared physically, and it is interesting to play against them. Let's hope that this will be an isolated game. On Tuesday we will play against SKA in St. Petersburg, after which we will have a derby with Spartak. We will try to earn the forgiveness of our fans.

— It seemed that in the last two matches the players' eyes were not burning and there was a lack of motivation. What should be done to avoid such situations in the future?

— We talked after the match about how we can lose, but not like today. The guys admitted it in the dressing room. When the game is not going on, you need to run and fight more on the pitch. These are basic things. I would say that we lack aggresiveness, approaches to the penalty area, hunger for goals. We constantly want to improve our position, make few more passes instead of shooting more often.

— Are there any footballers who are not allowed to play on an artificial pitch?

— We talked to the doctors, and I have this understanding in my head. I won't name the guys, but there are such players.

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