Dynamo Moscow news | Marcel Licka: We should be more hungry for goals. Dynamo official website.

Marcel Licka: We should be more hungry for goals

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Dynamo Moscow news | Marcel Licka: We should be more hungry for goals. Dynamo official website.

Dynamo head coach Marcel Licka answered journalists' questions after the match with Pari NN (1:1).

— The destiny of the match is usually decided in the penalty area. If we do not create danger there, we will not be able to win. Concerning this point, we can say that the opponent was even more dangerous than us. We didn't penetrate into the penalty area. We wanted to play a short pass and created something else. We were leading by 1:0, and we had 3-4 quick counterattacks to close the match, but we didn't shoot. In such cases, the opponent will always have a chance to score a goal, and it happened in the 88th minute. I am very disappointed with our performance in the final third of the pitch.

— From the 68th to the 88th minute, the visitors practically did not cross the center of the pitch.

— Yes, but we didn't create danger at the opponent's goal. We didn't try to shoot, but just rolled the ball. We can only recall Bitello's cross to Skopintsev when the goalkeeper left his team still alive. In the second half, it was necessary to finish a couple of fast counterattacks and control the ball calmly. During the break, I said: guys, be more hungry for goals, and don't just show a nice game – this is not figure skating, where judges give points for artistry. We have to score and that was not enough for us today.

I am satisfied with the defense. Eli arrived only on Thursday, and today he looked good physically. Skopa also recovered for several days after his return from the national team. Vanya Lepsky did the work we expected from him in his debut game. Niko helped him well, and the two of them did a good job. Diego showed his usual high standard play. I am sure that Luis will play even better when he is fully fit.

— Bitello showed good game today. He could have scored and made an assist. Can you assess his debut?

— I am sure that such players give quality and improve our play in attack. Footballers like him, Carrascal, Chavez, Ngamaleu and Smolov bring a different game culture to our football. I am glad that Bitello managed to come to the pitch for half an hour. He arrived on Wednesday, held only one training session with the team. Now he has already realized what the RPL level is. I am sure he will help us.

— Did Nicholas Marichal play well in the episode with the conceded goal?

— The problem is that everyone was looking only at the ball, and not scanning their zones in this episode. Niko needed to stay in his position and scan his zone. Football is a game of mistakes. We will analyze all of them. We had to score 2-3 goals ourselves, and then we would have discussed this match in other words.

— Will Daniil Fomin be available for the Cup game with Krasnodar?

— Fomin and Gagnidze will not have time to recover by the upcoming match.