Marcel Licka: We have to keep the rhythm and stability throughout the match

# Marcel Licka

Dynamo head coach Marcel Licka answered journalists' questions after the match with Krylya Sovetov (3:3).

— Dynamo controlled the match for 65 minutes. What happened later?

— We controlled the game for 65 minutes and ths is bad, because they play football for 90 minutes. We have to keep the rhythm and stability throughout the full game. In the first half there was good football from our side. The guys showed that they could use short passes. The opponent scored after our technical mistake, this happens.

After the 65th minute, we sat down at our goal and began to worry about the score. When you're afraid of something, that's usually what happens. We gave up the initiative, stopped to use transitions and began to play back more. And the Samara side has a very good team with individually strong players. Moreover, they had nothing to lose. It is clear that the second goal was scored with a nice long-range shot, but Bijl had a lot of free space, and no one met him. Then they came back with the penalty and earned a draw.

— Do you think it's still a matter of psychology, or the team is not physically prepared to play the full 90 minutes?

— The guys are working, trying, and I can't say that they were badly prepared. We always try to motivate the footballers so that they are confident in themselves. Anything can happen on the pitch, and sometimes they have to endure. Today we were leading by 3:1, and in such situations the team needs to control the situation until the final whistle. Psychology is very important in football. We conceded three goals again and we have to think about defense. It's impossible to score 4-5 goals in every match. We should believe in our strength, this is the only way to achieve big goals.

— Arsen Zakharyan played his best match this season. Is it related to the fact that he played in his hometown? Considering all the rumors around him, did you know a day or two before the match that he would play?

— Honestly speaking, I didn't know he was from Samara. Yes, I knew that he would play one hundred percent. Zakha played a good match: scored a goal, made an assist, worked hard for the team. He helped Eli Dasa on the right wing, ran a lot and did rough work. He did his best, so I'm very happy with his performance.

— Are you satisfied with the players who did not fly to Nizhny Novgorod and purposefully prepared for this encounter?

— Yes, they prepared for this game and did a lot of work on the pitch. For the first 60 minutes we played very efficiently with the ball and made short passes. In addition, there were a lot of good individual actions from Tyukavin, Zakharyan and Smolov. Unfortunately, no one gives you points in 60 minutes, you always need to play to the end.