FC Dynamo Moscow news | Marcel Licka: By the end of the match, we went for a win, and football god helped us. Dynamo official website.

Marcel Licka: By the end of the match, we went for a win, and football god helped us

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FC Dynamo Moscow News | Marcel Lichka: "In the end, we went for the win, and the football god helped us." Official website of Dynamo club.

Dynamo head coach Marcel Licka answered journalists' questions after the winning match against Baltika (3:2).

— The emotions are incredible. In the 90th minute, we were still losing, and within 5 minutes we managed to turn around a very difficult game for us. We believed that we could win here, but we knew it would be a very hard task, as Baltika were fighting for a chance to stay in the RPL. Even an early goal didn't unsettle them; they tried hard and put pressure on us, showing their character. Just like a week ago, we were able to turn the game around, and luck smiled on us, because we were looking for it. We went for a win, and the football god helped us. We will continue to pursue our dream in the remaining two rounds.  

— You made only two substitutions. Did you have that much faith in your starting line-up?

— Yes, I believed in the players on the pitch. I had options in my head for changing the game in the midfield, if Diego Laxalt had said he could no longer play. Then I could have fielded Gagnidze or Smolov. But as it was, I really believed in my players, and only in the middle of the half did I bring on Bitello for 25 minutes, because he makes a difference on the pitch.

— When they showed the bench 10 minutes before the end, you were completely calm. Were you that confident you could turn the game around?

— Of course, I wasn't calm, but I knew that the team would definitely be able to create a couple of chances, which we then used. It seems that Moumi has his unique shot now — last weekend Bitello scored after it, and today it flew like a parachute into the far top corner. When you score in the final minutes two rounds in a row, it shows the character of the team, which pleases me very much.

— Did you have any doubts about the success of your team?

— No. The main thing was to step onto the pitch with a clear head and the confidence that you can make a difference in the game. And we managed to do that.

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