FC Dynamo Moscow news | Marcel Licka: In Krasnodar, our motivation will be at 150 percent. Dynamo official website.

Marcel Licka: In Krasnodar, our motivation will be at 150 percent

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FC Dynamo Moscow News | Marcel Lichka: "In Krasnodar, motivation will be at 150 percent." Official club website Dynamo.

Dynamo head coach Marcel Licka answered journalists' questions after the win over Krylya Sovetov (4:1).

— The score is fantastic. The game was not easy for us. The opponent played more calmly, and we had heavy legs. In addition, the team felt a certain pressure. It was only when Bitello scored the third goal that we took a breather. Thanks to our team, which achieved the desired result. Now we will go to Krasnodar to fight for our happiness, and everything will depend on us there.

— In Krasnodar, one point will be enough for Dynamo to win the championship title. How will you drive these thoughts away from yourself and the players?

— We can't think that one point is enough for us. When you start playing for a draw, you can easily lose it. It is clear that this gives us a certain advantage, but we cannot go to Krasnodar and count points on the pitch. We need to come out and play, play, play.

— What did you say to the team at half-time after a fairly equal half?

— The Samara side played better in the first half. They didn't have many chances, but they controlled the ball easily. We ran more, in some situations we could play faster, but we did it very rarely and often lost the ball after a couple of passes. During the break, I calmed the team down a little: the score was 1:1, it's okay, because we had still 45 minutes ahead. I showed two episodes in defense on the video and demonstrated two very promising situations, when the opponent played high, but none of our players opened up behind the defenders' backs. I didn't say anything else because the pressure on the players is already high by the end of the season. I didn't want to put more pressure on them, but, on the contrary, I wanted to calm them down.

FC Dynamo Moscow News | Marcel Lichka: "In Krasnodar, motivation will be at 150 percent." Official club website Dynamo.

— Fabian Balbuena scored a brace. What was it? Did he manage to replace Tyukavin?

— Fabi has helped us a lot in attack in recent games. He won the aerial duel against Zenit, and Tyukavin scored. Against Baltika, he played competently with his body, when Moumi scored the third goal. Today he decided to do everything himself and scored very important goals. He is a real match star and a true captain.

— About a month ago, you said that the race for gold medals was over for Dynamo. When did you believe that it was possible to win the championship after all?

— I felt it after the match against Baltika, when our competitors lost points and we won in the 99th minute. It was something incredible. After all, everything was in our hands. The main thing is to win our matches, and then no one will be able to stop us.

— When the team sits deep, there is always a risk of mistake. It passed in the match with Krylya, but it may be different against Krasnodar. It will be very tough to save a draw there.

— I understand that and I didn't want us to give the ball to the opponent. The Samara side has a good, technically gifted team, which is constantly looking for its chances. They have smart footballers, who know how to play with the ball and always try to find free zones.

I am a fairly calm man and have already lived through such situations in my career: we won the championship and the Super Cup at Dynamo Brest. But when you come to the stadium here, you still feel this pressure, and you want the game to start as soon as possible. It also put pressure on our players, who couldn't work with the ball easily. In Krasnodar we wait for 35,000 fans and a very strong opponent. I can't promise that we will cope with this pressure at 100%, but we will definitely fight and try. Our motivation will be exactly at 150%.

— Everything can be decided tomorrow. Would you like to win on the pitch or wait for competitors' mistakes?

— It will be a championship title in any case. After all, we were able to use the mistakes of our rivals. They gave us this chance, allowed us to come out on top, and if they give us a gift again, then that will be their problem.

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