Nicolas Marichal: I am surprised by the level of the Russian Premier League

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Nicolas Marichal

Nicolas Marichal

Dynamo Moscow new centre-back Nicolas Marichal shared his first impressions of Russian football, our stadium and the Russian capital, as well as his debut for the White-Blues in the home fixture against Ural (2:1).

— I am very happy to make my debut for Dynamo! It's great to start with a victory. Emotions are only positive.

— Are you satisfied with your debut?

— On the whole, yes, I am. Of course, there are still many aspects to be improved, but the most important thing is that we won today.

— What do you think about the level of the Russian Premier League?

— I saw fast and intense football, a lot of tackles, a large number of high-quality players. I am surprised by the nice level of the championship.

— What are your impressions of the stadium where Dynamo are hosting their opponents?

— It’s a wonderful arena with great support from the fans. Maybe it was a little cool outside (laughs).

— Are you already friends with Diego Laxalt?

— Yes, of course. We met back in Uruguay, so we know each other well.

— Did you talk to him before joining Dynamo?

— No, no, we haven't communicate so closely before, so I didn't ask him anything about Dynamo, as well as the level of Russian football. I am really surprised by Moscow. Beautiful city! There are a lot of traffic jams, it’s true, but in general I liked everything very much (smiles).

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