Roberto Fernández: When I come out on the pitch, I get serious because I always want to win

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Roberto Fernández

Roberto Fernández

In the interview to the Match Premier Dynamo newcomer Roberto Fernández shared his emotions from the debut against Fakel in the Russian Premier League (3:3).

— What are your emotions after the first game in Russia?

— It was a tough match. We started well, scored two goals, but in the second half we missed the threads of the match and the opponent managed to tie the game.

— Why did the team concede easy goals at the beginning of the second half?

— We returned to the pitch a little relaxed, so we conceded twice. Then we pulled ourselves together, scored the third goal, but, unfortunately, we did not save our advantage.

— What can you say about the interaction with new teammates?

— It was quite difficult for me because I only speak Spanish. But during these days I have already learned a few words and I hope that I will learn even more in the near future.

— The Latin Americans are usually quite smiling people, but you looked serious all the time. Why?

— It's just that I've been such a person since childhood. When I come out on the pitch, I get serious and concentrated because I always want to win.