# Roberto Fernandez

Roberto Fernández: Transfer to Dynamo is a great step in my career

In the interview to Dynamo TV the Paraguayan centre-back Roberto Fernández told about the impressions of Moscow, his nickname and first training sessions with the team.

— You have spent the whole career at Guaraní. Did you make an easy decision to move outside Paraguay?

— More or less. It was a little difficult to make a quick decision, but at the same time I realized that this was a great step in my career. Dynamo are a very important club in Russia, and I will try to be at their highest level.

— You crossed paths with Fabián Balbuena in the Paraguayan national team this winter. Then might you have thought that you would follow in his footsteps?

— Of course. I wanted to follow his example. Fabián was a very important player at Dynamo. I hope that he will come back here one day.

— One day Balbuena travelled 3 days from Paraguay to the match venue in Russia. Are you not afraid of a long-distance journey?

— No, no, no. Fortunately, I have already been in such a situation, and I experienced this trip well.

— What do you know about our country?

— I don't know much yet, because I came here for the first time. I was surprised by the city's dimensions. It is very big, like your whole country. It struck me.

— Could you compare Moscow with the capital of Paraguay, Asunción?

— No, no, I can’t do it!

— Have you watched any RPL matches, except for the game against Torpedo?

— Yes. After my arrival I watched several matches on TV.

— What are your impressions of the first training sessions at Dynamo?

— I am feeling very good. I am happy with the warm reception from my teammates! I thank them a lot.

— You are called El Choco in your homeland – tell us what it means?

— When I was 9 years old, my teammates from the football school called me like that because of my skin color (el Choco is a Spanish short variant for chocolate).

— In the video clips with your play, everyone saw how cool you could make assists with your left foot. Can you do the same with the right one?

— More or less. It's harder, but I can try.

— The favorite among Dynamo fans and your namesake Leandro Fernández played under the number 6. Have you heard of him?

— Yes, yes. They told me about him when I arrived here.