Roberto Fernandez: Today's victory is the merit of the whole team

# Roberto Fernandez

Dynamo centre-back Roberto Fernandez, named the best player of the match against Spartak (1:0), shared his emotions from the win in the interview to the Match TV channel.

— Can you guess how long Dynamo have not won over Spartak at home?

— First of all, I want to thank all my teammates for this great victory. I know that we haven't beaten Spartak at home in the RPL for 14 years. It's good that we managed to do it today. All the guys gave their all. We trained hard, and thank God we were able to win.

— Spartak had a lot of set-pieces, and your play in the air was decisive. What can you say about these moments?

— It was a very emotional match, which is not surprising for the derby. Today's victory is the merit of the whole team, not only mine.

— Today everything turned out to be successful for Dynamo – the team took the lead after a big mistake by Spartak, after which it was convenient to drop deep.

— In addition to this mistake, we had many more opportunities to score. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to do it, but we took three points and this was important.

— Today, the most dangerous players at Dynamo were two centre-backs – you hit the post, and Saba Sazonov struck into the crossbar. There was also a goal by Sazonov cancelled due to offside.

— It's true, because we are both tall defenders and we try to benefit from the set pieces in every match.