Sandro Schwarz: We need to keep working and improving the players’ skills

# Sandro Schwarz

Dynamo Head Coach answered journalists' questions after the match against Zenit (1:1).

— First of all, I would like to thank our fans. They created an amazing atmosphere and drove us forward all the time. In the first half, we defended well enough, but did not succeed in attacking play. We did not find free zones and made a lot of technical mistakes. Maybe the team didn't get into the rhythm since the first minutes. After the interval, the scenario of the match was completely different: we played aggressively and decisively. I think that our comeback goal was logical. So we deserved a draw.

I would also like to thank all the players and club staff for their work in the first part of the season. They created an incredible atmosphere inside the team.

— When you realized that Sebastian Szymanski would not be available, did you start finding options how to play in his absence?

— Throughout the week we have been preparing a plan B, if Seba does not take part in the match. Yesterday, after 15 minutes of training, it became clear that he would not be available for Sunday’s fixture.

— In the second half, the team play changed. Was it a consequence of your emotional speech during the break?

— No, there was nothing like that in the dressing room. We made certain improvements, paid attention to the defensive play and how to find free zones.

— Can you sum up the team's performance throughout the first 18 rounds? Are you satisfied with the result?

— I am satisfied with the development of our team in recent months. The guys accomplish their duties professionally, give one hundred percent in the training process and show maximum concentration. We played different matches, but they brought us positive emotions for the most part. There were games when we completely dominated and had the advantage over the rivals. Of course, I should remark the fighting spirit of our team.

— Do you plan to strengthen the squad during the winter break? Can German football players join Dynamo?

— We have a good squad at the moment. We need to keep working and improving the players’ skills. I'm satisfied with their progress and play. I am proud that they achieved such a result in the first part of the season. Let's see how the transfer period will pass.