# Sandro Schwarz

Sandro Schwarz: Defeats are painful at the end of the season, but we look positively to the future

Sandro Schwarz

Dynamo Head Coach answered journalists' questions after the match against Krylia Sovetov (2:5).

— I would like to congratulate the Samara side on the victory and the club’s anniversary. The game was very emotional, and we constantly had to catch up with the opponent. We tried to come from behind twice, but we couldn’t stop the incisive counterattacks of the hosts. We could have won back by 2:3. Unfortunately, we did not succeed. Today we had troubles in defense, and the rival punished us for losing the ball.

If we talk about emotions and character, then I have nothing to reproach my players with. We just needed to defend better and play more tenaciously.

— Dynamo refused to put pressure on the opponent today. Was it a thought-out decision? Was it justified?

— I can't say that we sat back. We tried to put pressure. But at the same time we should pay tribute to our opponent.

— After the match, you came to the referees and talked to them. What decisions did you disagree with?

— The main problem was caused by a misunderstanding. The red card was shown to me because of our misunderstanding. I don't want to accuse the main referee. There was such a situation that we didn't understand each other.

— Krylia beat Dynamo for the third consecutive time. Is it possible to say that this team is a stylistically hard opponent for Dynamo?

— All teams have tough opponents. I would like to note that we faced a very good team today. They have very fast players who showed their best skills in counterattacks. At the same time, I cannot say that we closed down and tried to play football that was not typical of us. Our team showed character and tried to make a U-turn. However, Krylia Sovetov punished us after simple ball losses.

— Dynamo lost three consecutive matches for the first time under your stewardship. Has the team dropped into crisis?

— Of course, defeats are painful at the end of the season, but we look positively to the future. Now we are preparing for the upcoming Cup game on Tuesday. We have to take our chance and reach the Russian Cup final.