# Sebastian Szymanski
Source: Club Editorial Board

Sebastian Szymanski: Making 60 appearances for Dynamo is good run

The Polish international told about his goal in the derby, the fans’ support and explained why he had asked for being substituted in the last minutes.

— Sebastian, you played the 60th match for Dynamo and scored the 5th goal. What do you feel?

— I'm happy to score. Yes, I played 60 matches for Dynamo and it is great. The final score disappointed us a little today because we couldn't win at our stadium. But we are not upset and keep moving.

— You scored an excellent goal from outside the penalty area. Why did you decide to shoot from distance?

— I saw some free space. Zakha (Arsen Zakharyan – editorial board remark) made a good assist. I noticed that none of the defenders came out to me. And I decided to shoot.

— You succeeded both in attack and in defense. How do you do it?

— I don't know (laughs). I'm very tired today. It was obvious in the last minutes of the match. I asked for a substitution myself, because I couldn't run like that anymore. It's good that I help my team everywhere. But today i feel very tired.

— Did you hear how the fans shouted: «Seba Szymanski!» when you were leaving the pitch? Did you feel personal support?

— Thank you to all our fans for their support. I will continue to show myself on the pitch.

— After the match against Lokomotiv, you are going to the Polish national team. Do you still have any energy?

— I was very tired today, as I said above. I'm flying to Poland on Saturday. I always have energy for my national team.