Sergey Parshivlyuk: The team won – we will continue working on mistakes in a positive mood

# Sergey Parshivlyuk
Sergey Parshivlyuk

Sergey Parshivlyuk

The right-back of the White-Blues Sergey Parshivlyuk analyzed the changes in Dynamo play with the arrival of Slavisa Jokanovic and appreciated the debut of the Uruguayan newcomer Nicolas Marichal against Ural Yekaterinburg (2:1).

— The coaching staff warned us that the game would be difficult. The Yekaterinburg side came to Moscow with one goal for and one point in the standings. Despite this, Ural were ready to fight for points. In principle, they almost succeeded, but, fortunately, we pulled out the win and continued moving forward.

— What can you say about the episode in the first half inside Dynamo penalty area when VAR intervened?

— I haven't seen it clearly because I was playing with my opponent, so I can't say what was there. There is a VAR, the main referee who made a decision to his discretion.

— Are you satisfied with the season start?

— On the one hand, we played eight matches without defeats, on the other hand, there were games where we missed a victory and could have lost. We will see what will be going on in the future.

— There are a lot of talks that Dynamo new head coach Slavisa Jokanovic has radically changed the team style and made it more closed. How much has the team's play changed now?

— I wouldn't say that our play has become more closed. Yes, we put less pressure and play more on the counterattack. In some matches we tried to control the ball more. If we don't lose and earn points in the stable way, then everything is good.

— Do you get personal instructions, for example, you attack more or sit back on the wing?

— If there is a free zone, I should run forward. If not, then it's better to play more reliably.

— Was it possible to be in front of the opponent in the episode with the conceded goal?

— Yes, it was possible, but everyone knows how well Bicfalvi plays with the head. We need to improve this aspect of the play, because we concede a lot from the set-pieces. This happened at Nizhny Novgorod and at Rostov. Therefore, there is something to work on. It's good that the team won, now we can work on mistakes in a positive mood.

— The next opponent is Sochi. Do you have any revanchist feelings after the 1:5 defeat?

— No, it's already a new season, a new story. There is a different team and other players at Sochi now, so there is no point in talking about some kind of revenge. We'll just go to Sochi to claim a victory.

Nicolas Marichal

Nicolas Marichal

— How do you communicate with the newcomer of the team – Nicolas Marichal?

— We have no problem in our communication! The man came out and played at sight, as Roberto Fernandez did. It is clear that he was a little nervous, because he played the first match in a new country and a new championship. I think this victory will also give Nicolas confidence and strength. We will continue getting to know each other, training more and improving our interaction.

— In what language do you communicate with him?

— In Spanish, I also study this language.

— Did you discuss the situation around Zakharyan inside the team?

— Well, how can we not discuss the situation around the player who can leave for Chelsea? Of course, we discussed it! We wanted him to leave. It would be a strong impulse for his career. Arsen is 19 years old. I hope his transfer to a big club is still ahead.

Moreover, he hasn't won anything at Dynamo yet, so he needs to give something to his team here, and then we'll wrap him in a bow ourselves and bring to the airport (smiles).

— Is Zakharyan already ready to play at this level?

— He is absolutely ready!