# Slavisa Jokanovic

Slavisa Jokanovic: If I had to choose the starting eleven again, I wouldn't change anything

Dynamo head coach Slavisa Jokanovic answered journalists' questions after the game with Zenit (0:2).

— The match can be divided into two halves: the half when we played in equal squads and when we remained ten-men. We knew that Zenit would possess the ball more, but at the same time the opponent did not create many chances. Our team tried to be fast in transitions, but we lacked speed. In the second half we did everything to score, but we didn't have enough energy to change the course of the match.

— What can you say about Roberto Fernandez’ performance who has already received his second red card since the Premier League started?

— It happens because it's football. I'm not sure that his fouls should be penalized by two yellow cards. There were enough controversial episodes in the game when I did not understand the decisions of the referee. I have to mention the episode when no one touched Lovren, but the referee whistled a foul. I may be wrong, but I got this feeling. At the same time, I think Zenit deserved to win today because they had played a good match.

— Arsen Zakharyan has not scored goals or made assists for a long time. What is the reason? How much of a problem is this for the team and for him personally?

— We believe that Zakharyan can play better. I am sure that he will be able to progress further because he is a really talented footballer. Through daily work in training, he will become even better and reach a new level.

— What will you say about Eli Dasa and Nicolas Ngamaleu’s play?

— They played a good match – they fought on the pitch and did a lot of running work. Considering that they have been working with the team not so long ago, I am satisfied with the quality of their play.

— What was your game plan?

— We knew that Zenit are a very strong team that uses a possession-based style. We tried to stop them, and it seemed that we managed to do it. We wanted to be effective in counterattacks and run away as quickly as possible, but sometimes we lacked speed, sometimes the players made wrong decisions. In the second half we kept the same scheme, but the team had to play more into attack and take risks. We began to interplay better and were closer to the goal. For example, Fomin fired into the crossbar.

— Do you think that you chose the starting lineup wrongly? Luka Gagnidze came out very actively in the second half and strengthened Dynamo play.

— If I had to choose the starting eleven again, I wouldn't change anything. If Luka had come out from the first minutes, he would have had to do the work that Mathias Normann did in the first half. Mistakes happen in football, and Zenit punished us in the first half. In the second one we needed to change the game in order to come from behind, so we made this substitution.