Slavisa Jokanovic: Gagnidze played a great game and showed his character

# Slavisa Jokanovic

Dynamo head coach Slaviša Jokanović answered journalists' questions after the match against Krylya Sovetov (2:0).

— I am satisfied with the team performance and three points we earned today. We entered the game well. But we faced some troubles, when scoring the goal. Having conceded, Krylya began to put more pressure. In such periods of time we need to stay calm and discourage the opponent. In the second half, we controlled the ball better, doubled the lead and brought the match to victory.

— What was the key factor for Dynamo in this match?

— We are at the start of the season, and every point is important for us. The team followed the game plan. The players did on the pitch what I expected them to do. We remained fully focused for most of the match. Of course, we have to work even harder and show better play. Now we are in search for our best version.

— Which Dynamo would you like to see: bright team as you were against Fakel earning only one point, or more pragmatic but picking up three points?

— I came here to win every match. So I prefer a bad game in which we will earn three points. Obviously, if we play better, we will have more chances to win. Yes, today we didn't play very well, but I am glad that the team remained focused and followed the game plan. Our ideal way is to play great football and win.

— Today you fielded Tyukavin and Smolov as a tandem for the first time. Are you satisfied with their play? Do you plan to use them as a duo in the future?

— Today we used such a formation for the first time, and, of course, it can work even better. In the second half, Grulev shifted to the centre-forward position and scored the second goal. Football is unpredictable, and if something goes wrong, then we have to look for a B plan. Today it worked and we picked up three points. Before the next game, we will see what combination will be the best.

— Luka Gagnidze showed a very impressive play today. Can you note him?

— Yes. Luka played a great game, showed his character and always looked for the ball. Do not forget that he is still a very young footballer who came out as a starter for the first time. We have another option in the midfield, and this is very good news for me and for our team.

— Despite playing with two forwards, the team did not look so good in attack. Perhaps Arsen Zakharyan’s absence made an impact on Dynamo play. Is the team dependent on him?

— When Zakharyan is ready to play, he comes out from the first minutes. But today he was not available, as well as another important football player for us, Daniil Fomin. We had to look for other options. And there is no need of talking about the players who wasn't on the pitch today. Arsen will be an important part of the team this season and we expect high-quality play from him.