Slavisa Jokanovic: I am very proud of my team and happy with the final score

# Slavisa Jokanovic

Dynamo head coach Slaviša Jokanović answered journalists' questions after the derby with Spartak (1:0).

— The game turned out to be interesting. We faced a very serious opponent. In the first half they controlled the ball more, but we were able to score and created more chances. It was already easier in the second half, although we missed a lot of opportunities, which brought to a nervous ending. My footballers played a good match, and I am proud of their job. Of course, we need to continue growing and improving our play.

— Do the players feel good when dropping deep, if we take the attacking players’ quality into consideration?

— We kept clean sheets in four of the six opening matches. This is a very important fact in football. We play to win. I don't think we should have played differently against Spartak or in previous matches. We try to play reliably in defense and be sharp in attack. Today we faced a very skilled team, and we managed to create a lot of chances, hit the woodwork three times. Yes, we could have directed the game in a calmer way if we had scored the second goal. And do not forget that this is the first home victory over Spartak in 14 years. Today I am very proud of the whole team.

— In an interview, you told that Arsen Zakharyan is a central midfielder. But he came out on the wing for the second consecutive match. Why?

— I think that it is better for Zakha to play in the midfield. Now we are trying to find a balance in the game and use Luka in his position. Arsen is a high–quality footballer who can appear in different positions. Now he is not playing as a typical winger. I am satisfied with his performance today – he played a very high-quality game both in attack and defense.

— Roberto Fernandez was named the best player of the match. In the first half, he joined the attacks twice, and he did not have time to return. Was this his personal initiative or your plan?

— Roberto has only been with the team for a few weeks, but he has adapted without difficulties. He is still a very young player who has adapted perfectly in a country so far from his homeland. Before the game, I didn't ask him to join the attacks like that, but we had difficulties in transitions, and he played according to the situation. His play was dictated by the course of the match.

— Dynamo possessed the ball 28 percent of the time. Are you satisfied with it? Is it possible to achieve great success with such statistics?

— Our team has been seriously renewed, and I try to instill the play that brings results. If you ask me, whether I prefer my team to have more possession, I will say yes, I would like that. But now we have a very fast team that tries to bring the ball to the final third of the pitch quickly and can create dangerous chances for a couple of passes. Today I am very proud of my team and happy with the final score. Of course, we still have a lot of work to do and a lot of room for growth. I hope that we will have newcomers who will help us. I also hope that our young players will progress quickly. We need to play better than today.

— Can you comment on an emotional clash between Luka Gagnidze and Nikola Moro at the end of the encounter?

— In the dressing room, Niko apologized to Luka and the whole team. So he resolved this situation with a couple of words. Such episodes happen in the heat of the struggle. This is football.

— How will you celebrate the win over Spartak? Will you pop the cork on the champagne?

— I prefer beer – one glass will be enough for me. I have already tasted Russian beer, and I liked it.