Slavisa Jokanovic: I am never satisfied with one point

# Slavisa Jokanovic

Dynamo head coach Slaviša Jokanović answered journalists' questions after the game with Krasnodar (0:0).

— The match was tough for us. Krasnodar controlled the ball more, but it did not bring them profit. We had to do a lot of running. We created some good chances in the first half. We started the second half with a great attack. By the end of the match Skopintsev penetrated into Krasnodar box due to his individual skills. At Krasnodar, the player under number 88 missed a nice opportunity. We know that we need to improve our play. We don't stop and have to become stronger, faster, win more tackles believing in our strength. That's our plan.

— Can you name one positive and one negative aspect in Dynamo play?

— My team has worked very hard. We have not lost in five starting matches. Of course, we need to show better football. That’s why we have to work harder. I would not like to focus on any negative aspects. I want to stay positive and inspire confidence in my players.

— Can you explain the logic of one substitution when you wanted to field Konstantin Tyukavin in added time?

— I wanted to replace the tired Zakharyan and field the fresh Tyukavin, who could help us in the last minutes, both in attack and defense. I was satisfied with Smolov’s play quality because Fedor is one of the best forwards of the RPL. He plays an important role in attacks and free kicks. I believed that he could score in this game. Smolov was sharp ahead, so I didn't replace him.

— Krasnodar controlled the game most of the time. Many people were waiting for an active play from Dynamo, and it seemed that you were quite happy with the draw.

— I am never satisfied with one point. We always try to win. Krasnodar are a good team that controlled the ball. At some points we lacked freshness and speed. Yes, we need to work on it. If we draw a parallel with the match in Voronezh, then we lost two points there, but today we probably earned one point. We are all working together to make our fans happy. We need their support.

— Can you comment on the episode after which the brawl began. Should Daniil Lesovoy have knocked the ball out because the opponent was lying on the pitch?

— It seemed to me that the Krasnodar player had a cramp, and in such a situation Lesovoy did the right thing. He is not a referee, but a football player who did his job. The visitors had the same situation in the first half, and they did not stop the attack. I understand if it was, for example, a blow to the head – it would be a different matter.

— Dynamo kept three clean sheets out of five matches. Are you satisfied with the defensive line? Are you waiting for the arrival of another centre-back?

— Not only the goalkeeper and defenders are involved in the defense – all the footballers of the team must both attack and play in defense. I can't comment on transfers. My task is to make the team better in comparison with the last season. And we are all working together to solve this task.

— In the next game, the team will face Spartak in the derby. Do you feel additional pressure before the match?

— I know that the Spartak derby is a very important game for our club and our fans. Pressure is part of our job and we have to spend this week getting better and being ready for the derby. We have time to analyze the play of Spartak, which is a good team. I think we will be able to prepare well for this challenge.

— Spartak are playing against Sochi tomorrow. Will you go to the stadium or you will watch this match on TV?

— I spend all my time at the training ground, so I will watch this match there. I have no plans to visit the Spartak stadium.