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Slaviša Jovanović: I like aggressive football, when my team dominates the opponent

The Dynamo Moscow new head coach Slaviša Jovanović shared his first impressions of the club's training ground and told about his game philosophy.

— When Dynamo addressed to you, what was your first reaction?

— Of course, I was glad. This is a big and famous club, which strives to grow and become better. I talked to the club representatives and decided to come here very quickly.

— Do you know that our club is celebrating its centenary this season? Does it add pressure on you?

— I would not say that there is any additional pressure. It's just for this reason that we want to show the results as good as possible and make our fans happy. We believe the team can grow. And we want to use this great opportunity in this important year for the club.

— What are your first impressions of coming to Moscow and the club’s training ground?

— I haven't had time to see Moscow yet. We went to the stadium from the airport immediately, and then moved to the training ground. Moscow is a huge city. And for now, I am enjoying my stay at our nice training ground with excellent pitches. There is everything here that can be useful to us in the training process. I am satisfied.

— You had your first training session with the team. What can you say about your new players?

— The training session was great. Of course, everyone wanted to impress me. Everyone tried to show his qualities, so I'm happy.

— Did you know any Dynamo football players before you arrived to Moscow?

— Yes, I knew Nikola Moro, Fedor Smolov, who played in Spain. I watched Dynamo matches, so I have an idea about how the team plays, about the individual qualities of players. But I started getting the necessary information from today.

— Russian and Serbian languages have a lot in common. Do you already understand something in Russian?

— I understand something, because the languages are similar. But so far I understand more than I can express by words. Although I have already used some simple words in training today. Be quiet, for example. I hope I will learn the language over time for the better communication with the players, staff and fans. Learning Russian is important both for my job and my personal life.

— You will probably speak good Russian in a couple of months.

— I don't know about my good language skills, but I'll try to learn Russian as soon as possible.

— What can you say about Dynamo play last season?

— I started watching the matches from the end of the season to the beginning. We could have expected the team to play better by the end, but this did not happen for various reasons. At the beginning of the season, the team performed very well, showed aggressive football with an eye to attack. There were a lot of positive things that can be improved. We believe in it.

— What game philosophy will you propose to the team?

— It will be similar to the philosophy of the previous head coach. I like aggressive football when my team dominates the opponent and takes risks on the pitch. Of course, we need to find the right balance between defense and attack. I believe that the team will grow and we will move forward.

— What do you know about the Russian Premier League?

— I know that this is a very competitive tournament. There are many teams that are physically strong. I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

— What are your personal goals at Dynamo?

— My main goal is to improve the play of my team.