Dynamo Moscow news | Slavisa Jokanovic: We paid a big price for our mistakes. Dynamo official website.

Slavisa Jokanovic: We paid a big price for our mistakes

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Dynamo Moscow news | Slavisa Jokanovic: We paid a big price for our mistakes. Dynamo official website.

Dynamo head coach Slavisa Jokanovic answered journalists' questions after the match with Zenit (1:3).

— We played well in the first half, defended greatly and did not let the opponent create dangerous chances. We had opportunities to open the score, but we didn't use them. Then we made two mistakes and paid a big price for it. When we scored ourselves, I expected that we would be able to come from behind, but few minutes later we conceded the third goal.

— A month ago Dynamo won in the penalty shootout in St. Petersburg. What was the plan for today's game?

— The plan was the same. At the end of the Cup match we looked fresher, and today we also managed to score in the final part of the game. We could benefit more from this situation. I can't say that the result is unfair. Zenit played a good match and took advantage of our mistakes.

— What can you say about the penalty?

— It was our mistake. There were three players next to Malcom, and it was not necessary to foul on him. But I would like to draw attention to the episode that happened before. Zakharyan was held with hands in Zenit penalty box on our corner kick. Then came the attack of the St. Petersburg side, which led to a fair penalty for our opponent.

— What did you talk about with the referee after this episode for so long?

— In football, it is very important to respect each other. In one of the episodes, I just wanted to ask the referee why such a decision was made. The linesman waved me off, and I consider it a sign of disrespect to the coach of the team. I didn't use any offensive words because I respect the work of the referees. And I demand the same respect for myself, so I do not accept such an attitude. I got a yellow card for going outside the technical area.

— Zenit gap from the second place has grown to 12 points. What, in your opinion, gives the team such a superiority in the Russian Premier League?

— Zenit are a team, which has the Champions League level. And at the moment we are not as strong as they are. We have a lot of young players who don't have much experience. Zenit are a very experienced team, which is difficult to be surprised with something. Yes, we managed to do it in the Cup, but it is harder to beat them during the championship.