Slavisa Jokanovic: We are satisfied with three points, but we have nothing to celebrate yet

# Slavisa Jokanovic

Dynamo head coach Slavisa Jokanovic answered journalists' questions after the game with Orenburg (3:2).

— I am satisfied with the final score. The game can be divided into two halves. During the first 60 minutes we didn't establish ourselves well enough. The team didn't have enough energy and looked unfocused on set-pieces. In the last half an hour, we showed character and came back from behind giving everything to win.

— Before three new players came out, Sergey Parshivlyuk was the best on the pitch. Don't you think that you guessed wrong with the starting line-up?

— I do not agree that there was only Parshivlyuk on the pitch before I started making substitutions. Sergey played in an unusual position because we didn't have any other options. He played the whole match very well, showed maximum concentration and even scored a goal. I am very happy for him.

As for the starting line-up, I share the opinion that the team didn't show high-quality play in the first 60 minutes. After the substitutions, I didn't change the formation. We just put other attackers. New footballers accelerated our play and Grulev scored the second goal. Probably, today the second pair of forwards established themselves better, it's true.

— Do you agree that your team lacked aggressiveness and the win was lucky?

— I agree with you. We need to really look at things: the opponent was better in the first 60 minutes. Orenburg won several matches in a row and caught a positive wave. On the contrary, we were under pressure because of a winless streak. We made a lot of unforced mistakes. Our young footballers – Kutitsky, Gladyshev, Tyukavin – should gradually become important players for the team. I have to trust my players and look at things positively. I expect that the team will play better and achieve good results soon.

— You spent almost the entire game near the sideline. When the opponent scored the second goal, you sat on the bench. What did you think about?

— I decided to make a triple substitution. Smolov and Tyukavin are important players for my team. I don't want to say that they are the only ones who are responsible for the poor start of the match. In this case, we needed to find a way out of the situation, and this time substitutions worked out.

— What emotions did you see in the dressing room? Will this victory help to feel more confident in next matches?

— We should stay fully focused. Of course, we are happy to pick up three points. But we have nothing to celebrate yet. I hope we will do this at the end of the season. Any victory brings more joy, and everyone is in a good mood. This is an important win. Now we have to prepare for the upcoming matches with Rostov and Lokomotiv.

— The fans have noticed that you don't go to the center of the pitch for a post-match chant. What can you tell them?

— Sometimes I go there with my team, sometimes not. I'm always happy when we play in front of our fans. And if I don't come out, there is no disrespect for them. They treat me great, I feel their support, and I pay them the same. It was cold enough today, and I wasn't dressed warmly, so after the final whistle I went to the dressing room.