Slavisa Jokanovic: Despite Fomin’s going off we needed to be fully concentrated till the end

# Slavisa Jokanovic
Slaviša Jokanović

Slaviša Jokanović

Dynamo Head Coach Slaviša Jokanović commented on the away game with Fakel (3:3).

— Dynamo played differently in the first and second halves. Why?

— We started the second half terribly, conceding two easy goals. We were not reliable in defense. The game that we had to win turned out to be very tough for us.

— What can you say about the play of central defenders and Roberto Fernández’ debut?

— I would not talk exclusively about the play of central defenders. We need to speak about the whole team. We didn't play reliably enough. We finished the match with 7 young players on the pitch who did not have enough experience under such pressure, and this was obvious in the end.

— How serious is Daniil Fomin's injury? How much did it affect the team's performance?

— Of course, Daniil is a very important player for our team, given his experience. In addition, he is our captain, and his going off affected the game. But after missing him, we shouldn't have given up this match. Scoring three goals on the road and not winning is a hard challenge for any team. We need to draw serious conclusions in order to avoid such mistakes in the future.