Slavisa Jokanovic: In the second half we made a gift to the opponent and lost two points

# Slavisa Jokanovic

Dynamo head coach Slavisa Jokanovic answered journalists' questions after the game with Pari Nizhny Novgorod (2:2).

— Why did the team lose the two-goal advantage?

— We started the game well and scored two goals. The second half turned out to be different. I can't say that before the goal the opponent put a lot of pressure on our defense. We didn't find enough energy and didn't show the character to score more and finish the match in our favor. Instead of this, we made a gift to the opponent and lost two important points.

— What was this gift?

— In the second half we were not selfless and disciplined enough. We have to do our job and not waste our energy arguing with the referee about penalties or yellow cards. As for the episode with Fernandez, he couldn't just disappear from the pitch, could he? There was no tough tackle. It was an ordinary contact. As a result, all these episodes and talks with the referee took us out of our comfort zone.

I didn't have a feeling that the play of Nizhny had changed a lot, that they had begun to put more pressure on us. We just weren't careful enough and paid a high price for it. That's why I said about the gift.