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Yury Solovyov: I am sincerely glad that Sandro remains Dynamo head coach

Chairman of Dynamo Board of Directors noted Sandro Schwarz' quality of work as the club's head coach. Today, the German manager signed a new contract with our club.

— Sandro has been with us for a little over a year. But the quality of his work at Dynamo is undoubtful. The team is now chasing the high places in the RPL and showing attractive attacking football. In my opinion, not only the current performance is important. Sandro and Željko formed the squad and created an excellent atmosphere inside the team. A positive and trusting atmosphere is of great importance as well.

At the same time, Sandro understands perfectly that Dynamo are still on their way to gain the leading positions in Russian football on a permanent basis and successfully resume their performance on the European stage. There is a lot to be done for this. Now we are laying the necessary foundation for great victories. And I am sincerely glad that Sandro will remain Dynamo head coach. I wish him and the entire coaching staff a lot of success.

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